Save an average of 25-50% annually on liability insurance!

  • Same Day Quotes
  • Low Rates
  • No Audits
  • Simple Application Process
  • No Additional Charges for:
    - Taxes
    - Policy Issuance Fee
    - Customer Certificates

  • Dividend Potential for Members
  • Includes Errors & Omissions and Vicarious Liability
  • Optional Lower Rates for Increasing Deductible
  • No Charge for Monthly Premium Installments
  • Agents Thoroughly Understand the Security Business
  • Substantial Discounts for Good History
  • No Additional Charge for Armed Guards

Click here to complete the Professional Investigator application and submit online.

Click here to complete the Security Guard application and submit online.

You will receive a proposal and payment option within 48 hours. Appropriate state filings for your license will be made upon receipt of payment.

* Due to the very low rates of this program some society members may not qualify for coverage.